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Laurie Dew - Yellow Brick RoadKate Kobryn - Christmas BoyLou Palmer - Big GulpLou Palmer - BlueBeverly Horne - Blue Footed BoobyDave Sopel - HengifossFrank Miletto - Osprey Twins ArguingJoan Dolson - Heron GotchaJoanne Zebroff - Skogafoss RainbowJoanne Zebroff - Sunset at Glacial LagoonRon Peace - Bella Coola GrizTom Kliner - Tweet TweetHailey Froese - Bluberrry SunsetHailey Froese - Orange LeafOnno Kok - Jazz DrummerBev Hamilton - A Cruise with a ViewBev Hamilton - Breathtaking BridgeBill Locke - Night PassageCarly Slater - Behold the Power of LightCarly Slater - Princess at Night