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Basilica - Kelly PapeThe Grand - Rosemary KeanAstrobuzz - Paul LewendonCome Closer - Thomas FultonGolden Canopy - Heather LoewenhardtInto the eye - Cheryl SidenbergPeek a Boo - Cheryl BrambleWater's Bloom - Leahann SchulzWhich Knot - Joan DolsonFishing Village Sunset - Bill LockeLong Winding Road - Bill LockeNever Ever Land - Dave SopelSalt Box House - Joan DolsonSan Antonio Riverwalk - Penny SmithWhite Boar - Ron PeaceBaby Owls - Kelly PapeHelmcken Falls - Penny SmithSeeds of Joy - Joanne ZebroffSpear fishing - John DoricicWhale of a Tail - Paul Lewendon