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Suzanne Williams-AffectionSuzanne Williams-Washington SmokeJoan Dolson-Louvre New And OldKate Kobryn-Winter BeautyMarty Marchyshyn-Margaret Falls 2Ron Peace-Into The WildTom Fulton-Painted HillsPatricia Howard-Swirled SeedsRosemary Kean-Alert BayRosemary Kean-Telegraph CoveEd Bramble-Tee PeeFrank Miletto-Blue EyesLou Palmer-Happy DanceLou Palmer-WingsMarty Marchyshyn-First ContactPaul Lewendon-SkellingtonPaul Lewendon-Through The Vortex-2Bill Locke-FlyoverDave Sopel-Macro LandscapeDave Sopel-Rainbow