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Caron Ridgeway  Black Beauty copyBacklit, Avona ChristiansenTulip, Avona ChristiansenCaron Ridgeway Beautiful Bride copyChristina Bombaek,Father Pandosy MissionNB,Hella Zaiser,Red Winged BlackbirdPA,Jim Cornell,My New SisterNB,Hella Zaiser,Bald EaglePaul Lewendon Hand-of-manPaul Lewendon Lone-beaconTA,Sandi Stang,Orchids on BlackTA-Carl_Dubeau-EggsTA,Toni Jabs,Rusty nuts and boltsTA,Jim Cornell,Curious CoyoteTA,Steve Tod,Rhodes TempleTB, Catherine Wallace, Fort RupertTB,Francine Timbers,An afternoon walkTB, Catherine Wallace,  Blue and WhiteTB,BRENDA FRANZ,ENCHANTEDTB,Heather Hart,KaBoom