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NB,Jerry Takeda,Waiting for the WindNB,Joe Williams,Spotted LakeNB,Joe Williams,StumpNB,Richard Millie,Indian PaintbrushNB,Shayna Punk,Silver SpringsNB,Shayna Punk,Sunset SilhouetteNB,Simon Oakley,Dusk on the BeachNB,Simon Oakley,Rally NightNB,Val Carter,Autumn FloraNB,Val Carter,Blue BirdNo Strings AttachedPink Dahlia 1Special KTA,Francine Timbers, Lovely BouquetTB,Karen Slivar,BracketWaterfall Buddha09-13-2009 088AnnieBoo, winter, backroad. Xmas at home 040CA,Christina Bombaek,Grapefruit on the Move