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Marty Marchyshyn - Huggin the LineJoy Caravello - Aspen MovementHella Zaiser - Wood DuckMarty Marchyshyn - Cool Runnin 2Tracy Wall - Steam ClockLynn Yule - Yarn SpinnerTracy Wall - Merry Go RoundZsolt Scherk - TrainrideDawn Meier - Floral BlurNigel Storey - Babbling BrookStephen Shoihet - White Rock PierPaul Lewendon - Not So Merry Go RoundTom Kliner - The ThiefLinda Quon - Into the ChuteBeverly Horne - Blind StruggleKellie Schonfeld - WarriorNigel Storey - Blue FlowerRalph Milton - Grass at NightZsolt Scherk - Frosen LeafsRichard Millie - Num Ti Jah