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Carly Slater-Tiny Tootsie LoveBarbara Charlton-Natures Ice SculptureBarbara Charlton-Blue  BellsDawn Meier-Palace WindowsLou Palmer-Refraction RibbonsLou Palmer-Refraction ValentineRon Peace-Mother EarthSuzanne Williams- Love and ProtectionBev Hamilton-War HorseBill Locke-Anybody HomeChris Geistlinger-AndersJoan Dolson-Louvre at NightJoan Dolson-Viviers AlleyOnno Kok-Fight NightPaul Lewendon-Mr WallmanRon Peace-White OutRosemary Kean-Funny FaceRosemary Kean-No two are the SameSuzanne Williams-Ghost Trees of TorontoTom Fulton-Weather Beaten