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Barb Charlton -Date CookiesBarb Charlton-Kid CookiesTom Fulton-Backcountry DreamSergei Krasnov- Stuffed PepperPaul  Lewendon-Eat or be EatenJenn Jones-Just an EggKate Kobryn-Waffle conesOnno Kok-Cheese timePaul Lewendon-Pepper poseRon Peace-Black Berry BasketRon Peace-IronyTony Roberts-Wine and CheeseRachelle Smith-Beat you to it Santa!Rosemary Kean-Its NutzFrank Miletto-Alvin and FriendJoanne Zebroff-Dew Drop  InJoanne Zebroff-Hanging onPatricia Howard-WonderlandRosemary Kean-The Beauty of a SnowflakeJerry Takeda-Race