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Linda Quon - RyleeCaron Ridgeway - Glacier National ParkYann Andre - Heron Enjoying SunsetLinda Quon - Squirrel in WinterCaron Ridgeway - Tangle Creek FallsYann Andre - Portrait of a deerBarb Charlton - OroshouseRichard Millie - Home OfficeBill Locke - Old Wooden BucketsFrank Miletto - TractorBarb Charlton - Sayward TruckJoe Williams - SpindleRichard Millie - Cariboo RanchlandBill Locke - ButtonsCaron Ridgeway - Gulf of Georgia CaneryEd Bramble - Woodland ArtCheryl Bramble - The Dreaming ChildBeverly Horne - On Golden PondSandi Stang - Flower of MexicoDebbie Rehm - Saturday Morning at the Farmers Market